Your Cart honors the athletes and celebrates the beauty, grace, and athleticism of the sport of Diving and all Aquatic Sports. Diving is widely recognized as one of the most anticipated sporting events of the summer Olympic Games. However, there has never been an exclusive offering of gift items designed specifically for the diving community, their families and supporters…until now. We are proud to offer an exclusive line of Sterling Silver Jewelry, and many other finely crafted products celebrating the men and women, boys and girls, who have dedicated much of their lives to the Sport of Diving we love and admire. We hope you will enjoy our diving product line as much as we have enjoyed bringing it to you.  TheDiversClub is open to all Aquatic Sports! We will be adding more inventory to each sport soon!

Each of our products is exclusively designed for You will not find them at any other jeweler, retailer, or online store


To support athletes involved in all aquatic sports by offering exquisite gifts and providing opportunities
that will help those athletes follow their dreams to wherever they may lead.